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What is the Global Talent Stream and how does it work?

  • It is a program designed to help Canadian Employers to access highly skilled global talent in order to expand their workforce in Canada and to be competitive on a global scale;

  • It allows innovative firms in Canada with immediate need for workers who possess unique and specialized talent that is not readily available in the Canadian Labor market;

  • It is an expedited process in which a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is issued without the need to prove local recruitment efforts and expedite the issuance of Work Permits by Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


How long is the process?

Two stages involved:

  • Approval by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) approximately 2 weeks from the day they receive a completed application;

  • Approval for a work permit after a positive result from ESDC s around 2 weeks in 80% of the cases. If the Temporary Foreign Worker is from a country that does not require a Visitor Visa to enter Canada arrangements can be made to have the Work Permit issued at the Port of Entry when the worker arrives in Canada.


How much does the Global Talent Stream cost to sponsor a candidate?

The government cost is $1000 per temporary foreign worker plus legal cost. Additionally, the application for a work permit cost is $155 plus legal cost.


What is the Global Talent Stream application process?

  • Must complete a Global Talent Stream specific LMIA application;

  • Submit application electronically through a portal;

  • Most positions have a minimum compensation of $80,000 per year (higher depending on actual position);

  • Must provide information on legitimacy of the company including tax forms, job offer and proof that the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) can be compensated at the agreed rate of pay over the two-year period and attestation letter from accountant or corporate lawyer on legitimacy of the company;

  • Must provide labour market benefit plan with a minimum one mandatory and two complementary benefits;

  • Will have a minimum two interviews (conference calls) by ESDC officers to analyze the application and create a Labour Market Business Plan which will need to be signed by the employer;

  • Every 12 months employer must report progress of the Labour Market Business Plan to ESDC.


What is a Labour Market Business Plan?

  • A commitment by the employer to a number of activities that they will participate over the two years that the TFW will be working with the employer. Examples are:

  1. Increase skill and training investment for Canadian and Permanent Residents;

  2. Identify a budget for training;

  3. Job Creation

  4. Providing paid co-op or internship opportunities for Canadians and Permanent Residents;

  5. Increase in work-place diversity;

  6. Enhance company performance by hiring the TFW.



What are the reasons for Global Talent Stream application rejection?

  • Incomplete application;

  • Wrong version of the form;

  • Prior noncompliance record of the employer;

  • The Labour Market Business Plan not acceptable by ESDC;

  • The Temporary Foreign Worker is unable to prove the required experience of the job offered or TFW is inadmissible to Canada for some reason.



What does the Global Talent Stream cost?

  • The Canadian Government fees are $1000 per position applied for

  • Contact us for additional consulting and processing fees


What is expected of the organization by the government?

  • Need to abide by the Labour Market Business Plan;

  • Will report every 12 months to ESDC the results of the agreed Labour Market Business Plan.


Does the process become simpler when hiring second candidate through the GTS program?

  • You need to submit a new application with all the accompanied information about the company including their financial viability, but you do not have to submit new primary and secondary benefits plans. Will need to expand some of the previous commitments made in the original application which will be negotiated with the ESDC Officer during the subsequent two interviews.



Positions Qualified under the Global Skills Strategy Stream:

  • Engineering Managers;

  • Architecture and science managers

  • Computer and information system managers

  • Computer engineers

  • Mathematicians and statisticians

  • Information system analysts and consultants

  • Database analyst and data administrators

  • Software engineers and designers

  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers

  • Web designers and developers

  • Information systems testing technicians

  • Firms that are innovative and receive a referral from a designated partner (more information can be provided upon request)

Advantages of the Global Talent Stream program:

  • Fast process for obtaining TFW who qualify under the Global Skills Strategy;

  • Worker will be eligible to apply under the Canadian Experience Class program of Express Entry for Permanent Residence after 12 months of Canadian work experience;

  • Spouse of TFW (if applicable) will be entitled to apply for an Open Work Permit for the duration of the TFW’s work permit.

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