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Quebec is Canada's largest province, and second most populated province after Ontario known for its history, culture, cuisine and natural scenery.  It is bordered to the west by Ontario, to the east by Newfoundland & Labrador & to the south by New Brunswick.

The population predominantly speaks French, but there are a number of areas that speak English, such as the west island of Montreal, for example. Most of the population live in the urban areas of Montreal and Quebec City.

Quebec's economy is advanced, market-based and open and has traditionally been fueled by natural resources such as mining and forestry. It is the 37th largest economy in the world, behind Greece.

The province has introduced two economic programs that provide a route to permanent residence in Canada for eligible applications.  The Quebec Entrepreneurial Program and the Quebec Investor Immigration Program. If you would like more information about these and other express entry programs to Canada, please contact Mustakas & Associates today!


The QEP is an active investment program for individuals who would like to settle in Quebec and who:

  • can provide evidence of a personal net worth of at least $300,000 CAD obtained from legal sources.

  • has at least two (2) years of experience solely (or with a spouse) running and managing a business in the last five years.

  • is willing to invest $100,000 CAD in a Quebec business:

    • starting a new business​

    • purchasing an existing business

    • joining a partnership with at least 25% capital equity

  • is able to create at least one job for a Canadian or permanent resident of Canada who is not a family member​.

Mustakas & Associates can assist in the acquisition of an existing business or finding a partnership for investment.


The program does not require age or language considerations, but French language knowledge or comprehension is considered a strong asset.

The individual must be able to visit Quebec for an exploratory visit and be prepared to present their business case. Mustakas & Associates can assist in the preparation of the business case, and assist in developing the presentation.


The QIMP is a passive investment program for individuals who wish to settle in Quebec and who:

  • can demonstrate a minimum net worth of $2 million CAD. 

  • can make, $1,200,000 CAD available to the provincial government in the form of a refundable loan, or

  • can finance a $300,000 CAD, non refundable, 5-year , interest free loan.   

  • a minimum of two (2) years of managerial experience in the past five (5) years.

The individual must have additional funds to cover legal and government filing fees. While no language or age requirements exist, knowledge and comprehension of the French language is considered a strong asset.

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