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Manitoba is a mid-western Canadian province known for its natural scenery.  It is bordered to the west by Saskatchewan, to the east by Ontario & to the south by Minnesota (the USA).


The MPNP is an active investment program to attract exceptional business individuals willing and able to invest in a new or existing business in Manitoba. 

To qualify for the MPNP-B, an applicant must:

  • provide evidence of a minimum personal net worth of $350,000 CAD.

  • has at least three (3) years of successful business ownership and management experience solely, or at least three years of executive-level experience as a senior manager of a business.

  • score a minimum of 60 points in the Adaptability Assessment Matrix

  • make a minimum refundable deposit of $100,000 CAD

  • live in Manitoba with his/her dependent family members

  • visit Manitoba and provide a visit report and other documents to demonstrate research conducted during the visit.

  • provide results of a language competency test 

Mustakas & Associates can assist in the acquisition of an existing business or finding a partnership for investment.

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